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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  September 10, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. it is september 10, i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. let's say good morning to adam caskey on this monday. >> a great morning. 5:00 sharp. we will look at temperatures across our region. are near 50ice we degrees. maryland and west virginia, the coolest numbers year.ime of 50 and frostburg, 51 in berkeley springs. around the beltway, 59 in arlington. in lorton, 58, 67 in la plata. very comfortable today. beautiful and bright sunshine, lies in the upper 70's humidity. open the windows and let in the fresh air, especially this morning. chris and refreshing. will this last? that's coming up. now to angela.
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not much to report in terms of incidents. annapolisht crash in be out of the way. 450 at 50. you may see residual investigation, but all lanes are and moving without delay. off to a great start for the most part. e beltway at new hampshire the overnight work zone only one we had active morning. lanes are open. the new traffic pattern over and branch, just a brief slowdown. traveling in to springfield, no delays. 95, the work zone 17.ed at moving pretty well from 17 all the way past the occoquan heading into springfield. back to you. >> thank you. today in prince george's county the community will get an on the search for whoever senior >> .h school stanley wasamber shot to death in her bedroom two
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weeks ago in kettering. gonzalez joins us from upper marlborough with more. >> weeks later, this community still in shock. prince george's county police holding this meeting r a number ofswe questions, if they can, related murder.ysterious y wasar-old amber stanle brutally murdered inside her own shot multiple times. this was days into a new school year. she was an honor student at flowers high school, she wanted to be a doctor if. someone kicked in his wayt door and made was lying ine she listening to music. detectives admitted the case was open. today no sstrongly its. the question is was this a or did theck teenager and over attacker? at 7:00 p.m.s kettering community
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center. live in upper marlboro, john gonzalez. seriouslyople in annapolis in a shooting that briefly sparked a scare.k rang out on medicare everest. hazmat crews were called to the after fears a stray bullet had hit a gas line. appears the line was not damaged. the man is in the hospital. >> mitt romney has the only the calendaron today, speaking at a ohio.cturing firm in that's all by a fundraiser in chicago. mitt romney was off the campaign .rail yesterday attended church with his wife in belmont, massachusetts. he appeared in a taped interviews on the sunday talk shows. president obama taking a today from the campaign trail. he may need it after the e in florida.
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>> [laughter] >> the president said to the man he was the biggest pizza shop owner he had ever seen. he gave the president a pair -- a bear hug. the man runs a foundation that helps collect blood for the ill. president obama told him that he heart.big p >> rg3 did not disappoint, the redskins to a 40-30 40-32 victory over new orleans. quite a start for gryphon.
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would not think there nau much the saints and the agree on, a trip bart was. >> d.c. finally has a player who will transform the city. the real deal. day, but the good saints will come back. >> fans are already looking next week's game against the st. louis rams. >> without a doubt. we are looking at 57 degrees. still ahead, words that should together. children and old dancing. >> one dance teacher has that on curriculum. >> one dance teacher has that on curric[ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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get ready for traffic headaches on the memorial bridge. a construction project starts will last two months. brianne carter joins us now. troubles later today on the memorial bridge. service says park say be to expect some delays. more traffic troubles.
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one lane in each direction will remain open. the eastbound lanes will be shut during the workweek from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. westbound lanes from 9:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. a minimum of one lane in each remain open at s of.ime there will be pedestrian access still during the construction. there will be signs posted to keep drivers aware of the changes. begin working to bridge and the more, through november. and in this morning, expects delays on a bridge. brianne carter reporting. district residents can way proposal to increase of saddam service like uber service. the first of two published hearings-- public at 10:00 a.m. surcharge$15
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proposed. is morning speeding is that the old council chambers in northwest. >> let's check in with adam caskey to get a look at our forecast. win the gold medal. still not let's go to the temperatures outside. conditions, 62 in the district, 54 in manassas. along thean national water. annapolis along the water. 60's in moste ' locations. highs in the 70's today. temperatures will warm into the lower 80's by mid-week, but the
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will be kept at bay. next chance of rain is not until the weekend. angela >> . 66 is easy for manassas. no early delays past centreville. way to the beltway and continuing to the teddy roosevelt bridge, nothing. , all lanes are open. moving without the letter from morning, this especially in the southbound direction. are not seeing any into ations heading germantown and continuing to the spur. k at democracyloo boulevard. no delays or incidents or the of your monday morning drive. that's the latest. >> we are looking at 57 degrees. a children's dance class which include gold dancing, coming up. and a harry potter star could
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side. stories, aour top county community more tonight about
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where things stand in the search for a killer. looking for the shot 17-year-old at her kettering home two weeks ago. know what sparked shooting, but they don't believe it was a random. be prepared for delays if you to get inal bridge and out of d.c. crews will spend the next two months making repairs to the bridge. there will be lane closures daytime hours and on weekends. police are searching for the shot two people in annapolis around 11:30 last night on medicare evarts street. one victim in critical condition. hazmat crews were called to the because of fears a stray bullet might have hit a gas line. appear it was damaged. >> a spectacular end to the paralympic games in great .ritain look. this is the fireworks display. on the cake of the
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most watched paralympic games the most-attended. the closing ceremony include coldplay, jay-z, and rihanna. maryland will honor michael inlps for his achievements the swimming pool. o'malley and leaders city and county celebration at the amphitheater for him and the states olympians and paralympian scott paul. baltimore ravens will honor him before tonight's game against the bengals. that's at m&t bank stadium. >> a dance studio in british columbia causing quite a stir with its latest class. poll dancing for children. the instructor says the classes fitness and fun. she says students get an andllent cardiovascular upper body workout. orit's nothing provocative sexual about it. it is pure fitness and strength fund.
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kids love climbing trees. will climb anything. >> all dancing for children is not new. a national poll dancing championship in russia last week. children as young as seven were in that.o compete everyone in our studio it is shaking their heads at this. a push to make it an games. >> not for my daughter. those are not trees. >> adam caskey is putting his foot down. hop on the metro to go teachnd were trying to that if you are born stand up, you have to hold on tight at. so she grabs the pole and starts swinging. the whole train erupted. >> it was perfectly innocent, .our little girl >> not my daughter.
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>> let's turn to the weather. cannot even concentrate on the weather. beautiful weather outside today. another gorgeous day, kind of like yesterday. 48 in garrett county. we have some cool numbers, mainly western maryland and west , where it is typically time of year. 49 in frostburg, 52 in berkeley springs. dew points are in the upper 40's near 50. very dry air in place at this making it comfortable. 59 in arlington, 58 in woodbrige. sunshine today. sunrise shortly after 6:40. clear conditions. the nearest clouds over the ocean. the cold front is pushing to the north and east. for us.nditions high-pressure selling into place.
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the north wind will be a little breezy at times as we go into afternoon. it may approach 20 miles an periodically later on today. warm air is on the backside of this high-pressure system in the midwest. push our wayrt to the middle of the workweek. l probably make it into by wednesday through friday. least the humidity will not be oppressive. temperature's rising a little, will be kept at bay. upper 70's today. the next chance of rain is not weekend, saturday and sunday. and it's just a slight chance. now to angela foster with traffic. on the beltway in maryland and virginia. on the inner loop and outer loop. was overnight paving on the fairfax county parkway.
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they are alternating lane closures and volume is still relatively light. your drive on interstate 95, getting in from stafford county, looks pretty good. still under 30 minutes from to dale city. then you have more cars going, moving at posted speed, 13 beltway.o the 95 from the beltway in baltimore, 695 to the capital beltway, 20 minutes to silver college park. back to you. >> thank you. giant dumping into a tablet computer arena. -- jumping. >> a toys"r"us tablet. it's expected to announce today s own handheld computer designed for kids. it will reportedly cost $150. it is dangerous to search online watson.ess emma
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she is the favorite celebrity lor you to a malicious web .ite -- to lure you. there's a new game with and is influenced by blood.t and drew -- true blood. it is action packed. >> extra star power at new .ork's fashion week there is sergei.
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willis comes in. that is caught by thomas. inside the 10. touchdown. >> he still delivers. peyton manning made his debut threw forokers and his 400th career touchdown. congratulations to him. >> the broncos defeated the steelers. >> the redskins started the season off right. here's a recap of the big victory in the big easy. >> sometimes a game gets a lot ype.i it happened on sunday.
5:26 am
robert griffin iii made his nfl debut. the redskins started the season in new orleans. 88ierre garcon, yards, his first touchdown pass. the redskins are. on are the second quarter, same number to robinson, 5 yards. 17-7, washington. the game went down to the wire. drew brees had one last shot to tie the game. a two-point conversion, but the picked it off. the washington redskins win 40- 32. lot of fun and i think everybody was comfortable with the game plan. we did a lot of things we had not shown in a preseason. executed to the t. >> its 58 degrees outside.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. delays gettingct scenend out of the starting today. a massive bridge project getting under way. what you need to know before hitting the road,. , good morning, washington. it's monday, september 10. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. adam caskey has a cool start to the day. >> i'm loving it outside. a perfect morning to kickstart
5:31 am
in the '50smorning, and '60s. a deeps to get f almost autumn-like air. 62 at9 in martinsburg, national, lexington park, 64. o the upperkly int afternoon,. you can dress in layers this morning and then short sleeves later on today. bright sunshine with a few afternoonhis northwesterly breeze that time for fewy air hours this afternoon. will let you know if this weather will last. now to angela. getting a report from fairfax county police. disabled vehicle causing a northboundof a delay 23. if you are traveling through springfield, around the beltway,
5:32 am
on the inner loop to tysons it's quiet and is moving well. outer loop crossing the woodrow bridge, in to maryland, no delays. 270 as early morning delays past 190e drive 101.sburg on and off the brakes right there. back to you. >> thank you. across the memorial g pain forld be a bi the next two months. g there is a bi construction project getting underway. >> watch for delays. gets under wayon later this morning. the national park service says will be closing down the eastbound and westbound lanes throughout the construction. least one lane in each direction will remain open during all of this. let's break down the details of when this will take place. the eastbound lanes will be closed during the workweek from
5:33 am
10:00 a.m. through 3:00 p.m.. westbound lanes from 9:30 a.m. through 2:00 p.m.. one lane in the direction will open and pedestrian access will remain open. there will be signs posted throughout the construction. looking to repair the as the curbas well and the sidewalk along the memorial bridge. construct an expected to last months, wrapping up in november. brianne carter reporting. >> police investigating a deadly crash in annapolis. the car was driving on eastbound 50 when it missed the river road ramp. ended up crashing down into a ravine and a man was killed in the crash. thrown from the car. a female passenger survived and airlifted to the hospital. identities have not been released. relief might be in sight for high prices at the pump, but it beforee a little while start filling up our tanks inhout putting a big dent the wallet. average for
5:34 am
regular $3.83 a gallon. $3.80 in d.c. prices may be dipping a little. taking a toll on drivers. >> i think it affects everybody. you have to cut down on what you store, shopping in general. we have to cut down on our groceries. gas prices are moving down, but you may need to fill more because drivers are now spending six minutes more per y burning gas in traffic backups. >> the lights are back on for area after viewing s storms saturday more thant power to people in washington, virginia, and maryland. it's about 500 now. sunday was filled with clean up across the area. a roof blown off a building in northwest. it was a scramble to save new yorkers cleaning up as well weather, including
5:35 am
tornados in queens and brooklyn. those snapped trees and brought down power lines. than had many cleaning up on sunday. no serious injuries reported. >> in prince george's county, a meeting tonight for aboutnts to learn more the search for a killer. two weeks ago someone shot 17- stanley to death own bedroom. no suspect named. john gonzalez reports from upper marlborough where tonight's meeting will be held. stills community is weeks after this mysterious murder. we've got to tell you, this is trying to figure exactly what happened. this was an honor roll student. r stanley wasmbe murdered inside her bedroom, shot multiple does days into the new school year. she was at flowers high school be a doctor. a model student. they are trying to figure out what happened.
5:36 am
it's been difficult for detectives. police believe someone kicked in home and made his way upstairs where she was lying in bed listening to. to four days after the shooting, that thes admitted case was wide open. today still no strongly its and no arrests. two days after the shooting. like she may have known attacker, but they don't if it may have been random. the meeting is at 10:00 this morning at kettering community center. >> d.c. councilman michael brown facing an important deadline today. e has to account for all receipts and expenses through august 10. the at large councilmember was that deadline after fired his campaign treasurer told the office of campaign e that campaign funds were
5:37 am
missing. >> restored as county library hiring policies under the employeee after continued to work there after on child porn charges. prince george's county library system. was suspended got a call from . concerned citizen >> when you get a predators such don'tt in the area, you the opportunity will present itself for that person e advantage of a child. prexy pleaded guilty in august. library officials say he did not directly with children and that he did not have to undergo or criminal background check, because he was an hourly employee. >> chicago teachers plan to hit the picket lines this morning the first time in 25 years. contract talks with the district under issues that include benefits, and of security. chicago's mayor rahm emanuel strike is not necessary
5:38 am
not fair to students. school officials plan to feed and monitor student at 144 throughout the city. we are looking at 57 degrees. much more ahead. 30 people may been exposed to .he deadly hantavirus 30 people may been exposed to .he deadly hantavirus >> this time on a tv show
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but it makes millions off west marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? cause voting forng question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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good morning, washington. >> good morning to the ambassador and everyone out there. loudoun county is considering a be anm that will insecticide spraying program against lyme disease. has proven effective in the about itssome worry effects on children. high risk areas of the county property would be sprayed under the proposal. people who helped clean up of home may be at risk for serious illness. a woman close to the homeowner contracted hantavirus, which is from rodents or their excrement. nearly 30 people for the tv show are at risk. not surprised by home.ate of the
5:42 am
>> there are times when it gets cleaned and then six months ago by. bad.s no one is allowed inside the home. hantavirus cannot be spread from person, but it can take six weeks for symptoms to appear. the cleanup began in late august. >> we want to get a check on the forecast. adam caskey. a beautiful monday morning. want to wake up to an early september. 6 starting a new work week and a new school week. beautiful outside. some may consider it a little cool. but comfortable. 62 degrees at reagan national. outlying areas in the '50s. 52 in gaithersburg and frederick. 54 in winchester. 49 in petersburg. highs today in the mid to upper 70's for most of us. mostly sunny conditions. most
5:43 am
day you will have just sunshine. s this afternoon of patchy clouds. later on today there could be gusts of 20 miles an hour. is something to keep in today.ter on the rest of the week will be very similar. characters will rise into the by wednesday through friday through the end of the work week. -- temperatures will rise into .he low 80s there's a new issue on southbound b-w parkway. just getting word of the 410.ent after possible multiple vehicles involved. we will update you on lane in our next report. we are getting delays on the drive 95 making through virginia. heavy slow traffic between 610 quantico on the northbound side. we are seeing brake lights on northbound 95 from the prince .illiam parkway to 123
5:44 am
once you get past that, moving way to theking your interchange. back to you. >> thank you. 5:43, 57 degrees. mitt romney and president obama square off on fund-raising. came out on top? square off on fund-raising. came[ male announcer ] with ultra-filtered water
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cracks coming up at 6:00, how called mr. 50 shades is of the shadowout wife and make his own .iterary marke robert griffin looking like a veteran. what he has to say about playing superdome. out how hockey is
5:48 am
helping wounded warriors. >> a major milestone in the afghan war. u.s. forces have handed over control of a prison for terror suspects at bagram. >> tomorrow is the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. today defense secretary leon innsylvania will be pennsylvania to visit the memorial. that is not yet complete. flight was hijacked by four who wanted to crash the plane into the nation's capital. went down in a field in pennsylvania and passengers bought back. passengers and crew members were killed. be heldod drive will on the hill in honor of the victims of 9/11. the muslims for life campaign s morning 9:00 thi until 1:30 p.m. at the rayburn foyer.ffice it is the second time the muslim has teamed up with the
5:49 am
to put on theross event. s to collect 11,000 bags a blood. >> a florida police officer helping to escort president motorcade was killed in an accident. a pickup truck hit officer laurent's motorcycle as he was preparing to close a in west palm beach. he died at the hospital. sent his obama condolences to the family. the incident is still under investigation. the fight for campaign dollars, president obama and democrats raised $114 million in august. that's 3 million more than mitt romney and the gop. romney still has more cash reserves after out raising -- out raising -- outfor three months. >> the campaigns are hunkering in battleground states with a getting a lift democraticof the national convention last week. mr. obama is now five points
5:50 am
romney. mitt the president blasted the romney medicare program. line.e's the bottom their plan bankruptcy medicare. our plan strengthen medicare. romney on nbc used the disappointing august jobs rip president obama's bret harte. >> it really does not look like a recovery. >> the obama campaign hit back with vice president biden's attacking mitt romney's economic plan, from ohio. >> we have seen this movie before. ends in a catastrophe for the middle class. health care is being debated eyebrows.y raising the gop hopefuls said for months would repeal the .resident's health care law >> i am not getting rid of all of the health care reform. things i like, thoseing to make sure
5:51 am
conditions canng get coverage. today he goes. no republican has ever won the white house without winning the tri-state. t ohio, he would need to win other battleground states to capture the white house. team pulled ahead of the romney campaign in the fundraising for the first time months. >> lawmakers return today from a recess. expected to be in .ashington two weeks long enough to approve a must pass a spending bill to keep the government running. urgent item is on hold the election, g out a budget compromise. if congress does not act, tax increases and automatic spending cuts threatened to trigger recession. and jump in traffic leading to changes at reagan national airport. the airports at a more than 4% in traffic over the
5:52 am
last year even though they did not add additional flights. by the end oft on an upgrade and terminal a. >> companies are looking to e of women,y including restaurant chains like hooters. >> and there's a certain number looking to sell their devices. linda bell has more. >> good morning. show, apple is expected to off a new iphone at an event on wednesday. there's been an unprecedented iphone owners looking to currenttrade in their device and had a bat. a company that buys back used gadgets has seen an uptick. from by phone prices range
5:53 am
to $35 for the older models. hooters, a majority of its patrons are men. they are looking to compete by revamping the menu with fresher foods and more salads and renovations. are hereture uniforms stay, but the uniform will be to have a more and fabric. fit linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. >> let's get a look at the forecast. be a great wayo to start the week, with low humidity. >> very comfortable. we heard the front on saturday. were severe storms and a funnel cloud in fairfax county. are benefits behind that. with lower humidity and more comfortable temperatures. monday morning.
5:54 am
open the windows and don't use the air-conditioner in the car. windows and enjoy the breeze blowing through your hair. look atke a temperatures this morning. in western maryland, at a wisp resort, 46 degrees. middletown, 49. 50 degrees and frostburg. 50 in woodstock, virginia, in the shenandoah valley. these are the kuljis numbers i find on the network this morning. may drop another degree. these are the coolest numbers i could find. the humidity will be comfortable week despite temperatures by mid-week. it is a 58 degrees now in waldorf. 61 in annapolis. here are your headlines.
5:55 am
sunny and less humid, beautiful. these are the coolest temperatures since the first week of june. see thatarting to into moren back september-like conditions. this will last most of the week. the humidity will be kept at bay. bright sunshine overhead with a system today. we are on the cool side of that. the warm air will move our late by wednesday for low 80's. mostly sunny this morning at the bus stop. we will have the upper 70's this afternoon. wear layers. next chance of rain on saturday. in a couple minutes he will meet newest member of our weather team. >> accident on 66 eastbound 123 off to the shoulder. traveling through new carrollton its construction.
5:56 am
is the distraction. southbound parkway, at least vehicles involved in the crash. southbound side reduced to one lane. is using the right shoulder to get by. it's a slow process. looking at the back up on the b- parkway, extending back to the capital beltway. be on alert for this major accident this morning. is southbound b-w parkway 0, five cars involved. back to you. >> thank you. we will check back with you in a bet.e it's 57 degrees. today is the big day for new show.ic's who
5:57 am
5:58 am
we put a week's worth of bad odors in a home. some aerosols may just mix with them. can febreze really remove them? we asked real people what they thought. take a deep breath for me. describe the smell. it's very pleasant. fresh. some k kd ma flower maybe? remove the blindfold...
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awww, oh yuck! i didn't smell aat of that! febreze air effects doesn't mix, it actually removes odors. [ laughs ] wow, that's incredible. just another way febreze helps you breathe happy. >> katie couric getting ready r big return to today onn right here abc7. her new talk show will at i have never been able to this, andething like an hour to roll up my sleeves and really get to know somebody. she tells us her show will
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